Wifi Marketing to boost your business

Having a great WiFi connection in your store or restaurant is an essential part of the experience at this point. Nearly all consumers prefer to have a WiFi option and the majority now demand it as part of their retail experience. Of course, a reliable connection also allows merchants to conduct business smoothly and efficiently.

But consumer access to retail WiFi networks has a whole lot more potential than most people realize. WiFi marketing is becoming yet another aspect of the omnichannel retail experience. Like most new trends, the big box stores are the primary businesses implementing it, but it’s quickly becoming accessible for small and medium-sized retail stores as well.

Few ways to ensure you have a safe and fast connection

Consider Your Placement of the Router in Your Retail Store
  • Many retailers complain of having one POS terminal operating normally and another moving much more slowly. This is often due to a poor router placement.
  • WiFi signals struggle traveling through thick walls (especially if there is metal inside of them) as well as nearby other forms of wireless communication or large electronics.
  • The signal also travels poorly upwards, and instead maintains more strength moving horizontally or down. Placing it on the floor often results in a weaker connection.
  • Finally, it’s beneficial to keep it far from any neighboring signals and as central as possible in the store.
Improve the Range of Your Store WiFi Signal
  • Range extenders are cheap and easy to set up. Place a few strategically throughout the store to add signal strength to the problem areas of the space.
  • Try using a WiFi heatmap app to measure “darker” areas of your retail space. These will help keep your signal strong for your customers, staff, and retail point of sale terminals.
  • An improved range will also help ensure a strong connection for inventory control and management and mobile POS terminals. These can both be run offline with a cloud-based POS system, but, of course, it’s optimal to be connected at all times.

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