Why you should not buy Android POS System for your retail or restaurant counter?


Android POS systems are a lot cheaper, but does it suit your business?
First and foremost, Android is designed primarily for consumer devices such as smartphones and tablets. So, if portability is what you are looking for in a Point of Sale System, your needs will be best served by Android. If your POS system is stationary, please continue reading.
Point of Sale System is that your business relies on to carry out business operations. Essentially, enterprise grade devices are necessary for this.
Here are few disadvantages of Android POS System:

  • Businesses need industrial grade devices, not consumer grade devices.
  • Hardware Quality is mixed. It may cost you a lot to find a well performing, solid Android POS system. Most of the Android POS systems are actually tablets with POS housing.
  • Limited connectivity of POS peripherals. Since Android is more concerned about power than performance very limited hardware connectivity is possible.
  • Most of the leading POS softwares doesn’t run on Android.
  • Difficult to customise and update software.
  • As your businesses grow and change, Android POS systems not easily scales to meet these needs.
  • Though Android is developed by Google, the applications built for Android are by different vendors and all are relatively new.
  • Most of the POS softwares run on Android need an on-going subscription.
  • None of the major database management system works on Android. Storing business data locally on an Android POS system is not safe.
  • Third party software integration is difficult.
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