Social Shopping

With the rise of blind online purchases, buyers increasingly rely on the reviews and opinions of other shoppers. Social shopping is about involving other people in your purchases, making shopping a less personal experience.

Social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram along with modern influencers and bloggers, have become a source of shopping inspiration and a place where trends grow and thrive. Shopping communities and channels bring people together who have similar interests. Group shopping sites such as Groupon encourage people to buy goods collectively for wholesale prices.

And it’s not just online. Social shopping has also penetrated the offline retail experience. The trends called Robo (Research Online, Buy Offline) and ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) have been growing in recent years. In addition, there’s a growing number of applications such as Preenster, used by brands like Adidas and Mexx. Various apps allow sharing your shopping lists, or even photos from the fitting rooms to gather feedback from your friends and family, and sometimes even total strangers. 

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