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Basic operations

Let us go through few of the important basic operations that anyone should be aware…

Written by Jizeen
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Let us go through few of the important basic operations that anyone should be aware of when using Saleculator:

  • Logging in: For the first time when you login to the Saleculator, On the login screen you can use the default PIN 3333 for Cashier, 2222 for Manager and 1111 for Administrator. Once you login to the Saleculator, notice your role mentioned on the bottom right corner of the screen!
Watch how to login

  • Making a sale: On the left side bottom of the screen you can see the list of Categories. Click on the categories and it will open the list of products under the respective category! Once you click on a product it will appear on the ‘sales screen’ to the left side of the calculator which will show the name of the item, sale price, units and the total value of the product. To increase the number of units for the selected product you can press the “+” button of the calculator on the screen or on the keyboard. Once done with the units and the prices press the “=” key it will open the payment window which shows the method of payment, the amount received and the balance amount. Click “ok” the bill will get printed and this transaction is complete.
Watch making a sale

  • Changing item price on sales screen: Once the product is selected you can change the item price by clicking the “edit line” button indicated by a pencil icon. A new edit line window pops up, there you can change the price on the price field and click “ok”.
Watch changing item price on sales screen

  • Changing item quantity on sales screen: There are 3 methods for changing item quantities. 
    • You can simply press the “+” key and it will increase the quantity by single unit for each press.
    • Press the * key followed by the number of units and press the + key which will directly increase the count to the units entered. 
    • Press the edit line button and enter the number in the units field.
Watch changing item quantity on sales screen

  • Cancel a sale ticket/bill: If the cashier wants to cancel a ticket created in error they can do so by clicking on the red cross button situated in the top left menu bar.
Watch cancelling a sales ticket

  • Holding a sale ticket/bill: There are scenarios where a customer changes his mind and goes for extra shopping or tries to change certain products in the middle of a billing process when the queue is high. In those scenarios you can always hold the customer’s bill by clicking the + icon on the top left menu bars. Once the customer is done with his/her shopping you can retrieve this bill by clicking the bills icon on the top left menu bars.
Watch holding a bill/ticket

  • Splitting a sale ticket/bill: For scenarios where the customers want to have the bill split into two different bills, you can click on the “split bill” icon on the top left menu. The pop-up window will have two columns. Existing bill will be on the left column by default, you can choose the items you want to split and click on the right arrow in the middle to move the item to the right column. You can move the items to the left or right. Once done click “ok” choose the payment mode and click “ok” again.
Watch splitting a bill

  • Adding an open item to the sales ticket/bill: You can add an open item (Items not listed under the categories or products) by simply entering the amount first and then clicking the edit line button. Once the edit line window comes up, you can add the item name and further details and click ok to print the bill.
Watch adding an open item

  • Adding items to the sales screen: There are three ways to add an item onto the sales screen.
    • Press the categories listed below the sales screen and choose the items you want to add. It will get added to the sales screen above. 
    • Press the search product icon on the right side of the sales screen. In the products list window type the name of the item in the name field and execute the filter. Select “ok” and it will add the item to the sales screen.
    • Search for the item name at the bottom left corner of the screen just below the categories list. The item name pops up as you type, you can select the item name to be loaded on the sales screen.
Watch adding items to the sales screen

  • Combining payments on payment screen: After adding items on the sales screen click “=”. On the payment screen you can choose the type of payment from the left side for the desired amount and click “ok”.
Watch combining payments

  • Create a new customer from the sales screen: Click the “select customer” icon on the top left menu bar. On the customer list window type customer name, type the search key number for the customer. You can also update the address if any. Click save and ok.
Watch creating new customer

  • Choosing an existing customer for the sale: Click the “select customer” icon on the top left menu bar. On the customer list window type customer name or search key number, click execute filter which will load the customer on the screen below. Click ok.
Watch choosing an existing customer

  • Applying discount to the sales ticket: After entering the items on the sales screen click on the discount button on top right corner of the screen. On the input window you can either enter the amount to be discounted directly or the percentage of discount and click ok. (Video link: Applying discount to the sales ticket)
Watch applying discount

  • Refunding a sale: From the list of main menu click “edit sales” button, enter the receipt number to choose particular sales ticket or you can click on search button and give the date span to choose from list of sales tickets. Once the sales ticket is loaded click on the refund button on the top. Choose the lines to be refunded and click “ok”. (Video link: Refunding a sale)
Watch refund a sale

  • Adding categories: Main menu > stock > Categories > “+” type name of the category e.g. Lunch. For additional categories click “+” and continue. Also to add specific items under a category. Type the item name and from the drop down below, select the category > “+” > Save.
Watch adding categories

  • Adding products: Main menu > stock > Products. On the next screen halfway down you will see (New record) portion. In the reference field type the reference number. In the name field type the name of the product. Under the general tab you have to update the “Barcode, Buy price, Sell price, Tax category from the drop down and category”. Click the “+” icon on top. Repeat the process for additional products, finally click the save button on top. (Video link: Adding products)
Watch adding products
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